1.5 Relation of feminism to the Green political movement

In the case of most western European Green parties, women’s rights and female empowerment has run along the values and agendas of their politics from the founding days. It has been one of the factors setting the green political movement apart from the traditional parties. This also roots to the fact that Green politics have always been entangled with grassroots activism, including women’s rights movements as well as environmental, peace and human rights movements. 

As in the core of the Green thinking is to hear the people in the forefronts of the fights for the better future, to widen the collective knowledge in the background of policymaking to include the diversity of the humanity, the green political movement is a fruitful growing bed for transformation of political and societal structures, which is the over-arching objective of feminist movements, too.

Gender equality does not remain only talk within the green political movements. The Greens have taken concrete measures within their own movement as well as initiated campaigns and policies within the wider society to take steps towards gender equality. As a reference, the Greens is the most gender-balanced group in the European Parliament, actually the only one with a majority of women (2020); and the European Green Party has a policy of minimum 50% female presentation in EGP and its constituent working groups and networks. 

You will learn more examples on Green European feminist initiatives as you study this module further.